Professional Letter of Recommendation Writing and Editing Service by Dr. Robert F. Edinger

Professors are busy people. They do not have the time to write letters of recommendation for all their students, assistants, etc. who need them to write letters of recommendation on their behalf. As a result, they often have little choice but to tell the student applicant that they need to write their own letter of recommendation. I am happy to write these letters of recommendation on your behalf for $149.00 each. All that you need to do is fill out my LOR Interview Form and answer any additional questions that I might have by email. Often, I do this for clients for whom I have also provided a Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose, which helps me with the LOR because I am already familiar with the applicant and their credentials.

I am happy to respond to any further questions you might have.

Dr. Robert Edinger

Free Consultations:

Premium Statement Service US$299.00

Standard Statement Service US$199.00

Resume/CV Editing US$149.00