US$199.00, 2 Hours Labor, Standard Service. Statement Editing and Enhancement by Dr. Robert Edinger, up to 1000 Words, 48 Hours Turnaround

Standard Service, US$199.00; Free Consultations:

I help applicants to advanced programs of study from all over the world to be selected for admission by investing approximately two hours editing and enhancing their Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose. For my standard service at US$199.00, you must have a fully developed draft with all the information that you want considered for inclusion. There are no additional revisions for my standard service after I send you the draft. If you do not send me a fully developed draft, then I will not be able to accept your payment.

If you do not have a fully developed draft, want further revisions after I have sent you the statement, or want my finest work, spending at least three hours on the statement rather than two, then you are on the wrong page and you need to become my premium client here at US$299.00.

Dr. Robert Edinger


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Premium Statement Service US$299.00

Letter of Recommendation US$149.00

Resume/CV Editing US$149.00