US$299.00, 3 Hours Labor, VIP Rush Statement Editing and Enhancement by Dr. Robert Edinger, up to 1500 words, 24-hour turnaround time.

I have now been drafting Statements of Purpose, Personal Statements, Letters of Intent, etc., on behalf of my clients for almost a quarter of a century. As with anything else, I do better when I have the luxury of spending as much time as I need on a project.

I generally spend more than 3 hours on a statement for my clients who pay my VIP Rush Service fee of US$299.00, going through several revisions before I even send you the document. For my VIP clients, I also offer multiple revisions after you have had a chance to add, delete, and/or change information - at no extra charge. I often do extensive research on behalf of my VIP clients, and I always put them at the head of my list, attending to them first over my other clients. If your deadline is near and you are in need of immediate editorial support, I encourage you to make your payment so that I can get started today. I am also happy to give my VIP clients updates concerning my progress by telephone. The entire process works best by email, however, since I need your information in text form. I monitor my email frequently except when I am asleep. My VIP clients can feel free to either send me a message or give me a call on Whatsapp on every page of my website. My landline number is 1-812-675-4937. I am available from early morning through early evening New York time ,EST, and I look forward to giving your statement my very best effort.