Gold Service, VIP Rush Statement Editing and Enhancement by Dr. Robert Edinger

I have now been drafting Statements of Purpose, Personal Statements, Letters of Intent, etc., on behalf of my clients for almost a quarter of a century and I do not write bad statements. Nevertheless, as with anything else, I do better when I have the luxury of spending as much time as I need on any given project, including editing and enhancing statements.

I generally spend nearly 3 times as much time on a statement for my clients who pay my Gold VIP Rush Service price of US$499.00, than those who do not, and I allow for a second revision after you have had a chance to review and make changes to the material. I put more time into the files of my Gold Service VIP Rush clients, often doing research on their behalf. If your deadline is nearing and you are in need of immediate editorial support, I encourage you to make your payment so that I can get started today. I only speak with my priority clients by phone. After your VIP payment comes in, I will send you a telephone number that rings into my cell phone so that you can call if you need to, although everything works best by email, which I monitor frequenly except when I am sleeping. I look forward to doing my very best with your statement.