VIP Rush Statement Service by Dr. Robert Edinger

I have now been drafting Statements of Purpose, Personal Statements, Letters of Intent, etc., on behalf of my clients for almost 20 years. Each and every client has required a certain degree of energy, some more than others of course. The worst part about my job is that everyone is in a hurry. Furthermore, I will turn 60 next November (2017) and face not only my own health challenges, but also spend all afternoon with my only child/family, my son David who is now 5 and quite a demanding handful. Thus, I am simply limited in how many clients I am able to attend to. I get started each morning one or two hours before sunrise, about 4 or 5 am, and work to at least 12:00 noon. David comes almost 7 days a week, usually at 2 pm; by the time I give him back to his mother at 6 pm, my day is pretty well over. I answer a few emails, spend a little time on my exercise bike, and go to bed.

The reason why I have a VIP Rush Service is simply that I try to make as much money as I can, while I can, so that I might have a chance – by working until I drop - to buy a home for my son before I leave this planet. Thus, I offer to put a new, top-priority client ahead of my standard clients, drop what I am doing whatever it is, and immediately attend to my VIP Rush client who is in a big hurry to meet a deadline and is willing to pay extra for me to do that, rearranging my schedule to attend to their needs immediately. If I am with David that afternoon, we can go around the corner to Burger King, which has a large play area where he likes to play with other children, and he lets me work on my laptop.

I do not write bad statements. I always take the time to do a very good job and put as much creativity into it as I can in a reasonable amount of time. This is my standard service. Nevertheless, I spend more time on a statement for my clients who pay my VIP Rush Service at the price of US$499.00; and, instead of only one, free, final revision of the statement after I have sent you the draft and you have had a chance to add additional information and make appropriate changes, at no extra charge, my VIP Rush clients are entitled to unlimited revisions of the first draft until they are happy with it. I put more time into the files of my VIP Rush clients, doing more research on their behalf. I also edit your resume or CV at no extra charge and put extra time into that as well. Thus, if your career is what is most important to you, the deadline is already upon you, and you are in need of editorial support now, rather than soon, I encourage you to make your payment so that I can get started today.