Resume/CV Service

I am a professional statement writer who enjoys his work very much. I do not, however, enjoy creating resumes or CVs as much as I do writing statements. I do, however, create a resume or a CV on behalf of clients who also purchase my services as their statement writer. I do this as a courtesy. My clients want me to create their resume or CV because they trust me, because I did a good job on their statement. I have an interview form that I ask you to complete, in addition to sending me your draft or old resume/CV if you have one. Usually, this process is referred to as a resume or CV 'revamp'. Here is the link for my interview form:

What I suggest is that you do a search on Google images for a model in your field that you like, either a resume or a CV, a model that is in Word form, and then send it to me. Basically, what I do, is simply transplant your information into this new template, as well as editing your information. I can also write a new 'Statement of Objective' on your behalf of no more than 3 sentences.

Please feel free to write to me with any questions that you might have:

It is a pleasure to be of service,

Dr. Robert Edinger

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